Assignment 08: Revised Drawing and Other tasks

Assignment 08, part 8.1, due Monday, August 7, 10am

Each student please identify a single drawing from Project 01.

Write three to five objectives to revise the drawing. For each objective explain what, how and why you will revise. Post the image and sentences by Tuesday, August 1, 10am, using category [08 Project 01 Revised Drawing]. The first iteration of revisions will be due and uploaded MONDAY, AUGUST 07 with subsequent revisions due the following Monday and a later date. We will meet later this week to discuss revisions. Thank you.

*Please remember to revise and upload your Project 01 JPGs to the blog under 07 Project 01 for Tuesday (or by 1pm today so I can review them with Dan). Please link each jpg so it can opened separately at a larger size. Tuesday I will explain where to upload your InDesign, JPGs and GH/OSM/CSV to the Google Drive.

Tuesday we will discuss Project 2 purpose with Week 01 with Dan Anthony including group design computation ideation, organization/roles, data acquisition online and in-situ, pilot data collection. Week 02 will be revised method work and greater data acquisition. Week 03 can focus on visualization and final refinement and review with Deni Ruggeri, landscape architect from Oslo. Week 04 in Berlin we will apply our tool/method to the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood with comparative data acquisition and visualization.

This week we will also discuss our Pyrenees experience as a baseline of healthy Catalan livability.

Thank you


Vicente Guallart tour if Valldaura IaaC with Margarita Jover and me.











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